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Production site Gösgen

100% renewable hydrogen for emission-free mobility!

Green hydrogen from Gösgen

At Alpiq’s Gösgen run-of-river power station, Hydrospider commissioned its first green hydrogen production facility in the first half of 2020. With a capacity of 2 MW, it is the largest plant in Switzerland for the production of green hydrogen for commercial use in emission-free heavy goods traffic. The plant in Gösgen can produce up to 300 tonnes of green hydrogen per year, thus ensuring the annual consumption of around 40-50 fuel cell electric trucks or 1700 fuel cell passenger cars. In the filling plant, three interchangeable containers can be filled with 350 kg of green hydrogen per day, before they are taken to the filling stations by special transports.

Here you can learn more about the run-of-river power plant Gösgen

Photos: PhotoPulse / Jean-Luc Grossmann