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H2 Ecosystem

100% renewable hydrogen for emission-free mobility!

The hydrogen ecosystem: for a sustainable future

Hydrospider focuses on the production, distribution and trade of hydrogen entirely produced from renewable energy sources.

The climate-friendly hydrogen value chain:

  • Hydropower plants, wind farms, PV and biomass plants supply electricity from renewable sources for electrolysis.
  • Water is split by electrolysis into oxygen and hydrogen
  • The hydrogen is stored in purpose-built containers and delivered to filling stations. There it is publicly offered for sale from a fuel dispenser.
  • Inside the vehicle, the hydrogen gas is converted into electricity by a fuel cell and used to power the electric drive.
  • The vehicle emits only water vapour. The circuit is therefore closed.

Generating renewable electricity

Hydrogen Electrolysis

Storage, transport and sale

Consumption in fuel cell

Emitted water vapor is released into the environment

Introduction Hydrospider

The first Hydrospider project, a 2-MW electrolysis plant at the Gösgen hydropower plant, can produce up to 300 tons of hydrogen per year, ensuring the supply for 40 to 50 trucks or 1’700 passenger cars.

Find out more about the Gösgen site here.